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The Real Cost of Solar Power

Is solar energy expensive? Is it a good investment? Or is purchasing solar to counteract the unreliable Eskom grid a grudge buy, similar to fixing a broken vehicle? Alternatively, does installing a solar plant represent a great investment that will yield positive returns? With our experience in installing and evaluating hundreds of solar solutions, we can help answer these questions.

Solar Power for Average Households

Average households consume between 16 and 24 units (kWh) per day. A solar plant equipped with ten large panels is capable of producing 20-24 daily units. Combined with a 10kW inverter and 10kWh of battery backup, such a system can take the average household off-grid. This solution will cost around R145 000, professionally installed.

Cost Comparison with Eskom

In this example (20 daily units), if you were to continue using Eskom power for the next ten years, the cost would be approximately R399,000. This figure is based on the current Eskom rate and includes a 15% annual increase.

In comparison, a financed solar solution worth R145,000 can save 90% of your Eskom bill. Over ten years, including the financing costs, the total expenditure would be about R241,000. This approach not only saves you R158,000 but also removes the dreaded load-shedding problem.

Solar: A Financial Investment

The message is simple - solar is an investment based on pure financial numbers. At Solar Complete, we offer a range of solutions, starting from R50,000 for initial load-shedding backup systems, to tailor-made, expandable solar solutions of any size.

Systems that derive 60% or more of their power from solar, as opposed to Eskom, will pay for themselves over time. With solar energy now more affordable than Eskom power, it is an investment that homeowners should consider seriously.

Choosing the Right Solar Company

For optimal results, use a solar company that

1. accurately sizes the solution

2. has a proven track record with years of experience and hundreds of installations

3. uses best-of-breed components

4. delivers cost-effective solutions.

To experience these benefits and take control of your power, contact Solar Complete at


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