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Finance Solar for Your Business. Save Large amounts vs Eskom cost.

Electricity cost from a solar solution is around 30%-50% cheaper than what you can expect from Eskom when measured over ten years.

Moreover, your saving is a reality with a 100% financed solar solution over five years at a prime plus 1 % interest rate. Contact Solar Complete to find out how and to Finance Solar for Your Business with our financing partner.

Get a quote, save immediately on cash flows, own your electricity, have stable power and increase your productivity while saving costs.

Please find us at Solar Complete:

The reality is that Eskom will remain in trouble. Over 50% of the Eskom plants are 40+ years old and not maintained. Eskom costs escalate at 15% compound per annum and will continue to do so!

The decision to move to solar, away from Eskom, is becoming simple. It makes financial sense, regardless of load-shedding.

Solar Panels in an Installation

Small to medium-sized businesses using between 100 and 1000 kWh daily are perfect for Solar. Gone are the days when solar could not cater for larger industrial plants.

Let us take an actual example. An industrial site (panels photo above) consumes 355 kWh per day. Eskom cost per kWh is R 3.50, including VAT, So the monthly Eskom Bill is R 37 722. As proved by history, this amount escalates at 15% per annum.

Solar Complete deliver a solution producing 360 kWh from 146 x 585-watt solar panels. Adding a 120-kWh battery bank and a 50-kW inverter completes the picture.

The savings on the electricity bill are paying for the system's financing. They will not only pay for the system but will save the customer a staggering R 6.14 million over the next ten years.

See the Financial model below:

Financial model

A solar Solution For businesses hampered by load-shedding is even more optimistic since the cost of production interruptions and other indirect expenses improves the justification.

For an assessment, evaluation and quotation, contact Solar Complete at


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