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At Solar Complete, clients receive cost-effective, top-tier systems designed for longevity.

High-Performance Solar Equipment

Sola Hestia Logo

Hestia Solar Panels

Hestia Solar Panels are developed in Germany. Customers are assured of the highest quality products supported by a 30-year production output warranty.

Growatt Logo


Growatt is a global leader of smart energy solutions and provides residential, commercial and utility-scale PV inverters, energy storage, microgrid systems and smart energy management solutions. 

Having already shipped 2 500 000 Inverters to more than 100 countries, Growatt ranks as a world-leading supplier of solar solutions.

Powersource Logo


Founded in 2020, PowerSource provides premium energy storage solutions, equipped with EVE's advanced lithium technology and a 10-year warranty, ensuring reliable power during load shedding and grid independence.

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