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Choosing the Right Solar Supplier: Key Considerations

In the current climate of abundant supply, coupled with a surge in the demand for residential and industrial solar systems, customers are presented with an overwhelming array of choices.

Solar Installation

While the market's oversupply may result in advantageous pricing, it's crucial for customers to navigate this landscape carefully. The wide range of options includes some sub-standard, inexpensive products that come with inadequate implementation and support, which can mislead customers into making regrettable decisions.

When selecting a solar solution — and just as importantly, a supplier and installer — there are several pitfalls to be aware of. Choosing the right solar supplier involves considering the following:

  1. Many "specials" in the market are offered at average or even inflated price points. Customers should check for omissions of components needed for successful installations. Ensure that you compare 'apples with apples' when evaluating prices. At Solar Complete, we provide complete solutions rather than products, with all the necessary protection components, professional installation and compliance certificates included. If components fail, warranty replacements are completed within 24 hours since the company always has additional imported stock on hand.

  2. An excellent solar solution is a choice for life. There is no reason for a solar solution to become ineffective, outdated or limited in any way. Customers should evaluate the longevity of their choice.

  3. It's crucial that solar solutions are both modular and expandable and built with first-rate components. Customers should be able to add to the solution at any stage, either due to changing needs or a limited initial budget.

  4. The influx of new installers and distributors into the market means many lack the experience or knowledge to support a broad customer base. Solar Complete has been serving hundreds of satisfied customers since 2019, maintaining an uptime record of over 99.9%.

  5. While high-quality equipment is less prone to failure, it's the supplier's ability to honour warranties promptly and effectively that is of utmost importance.

  6. A reputable supplier will ensure the solar solution is appropriately sized to meet the customer's expected performance level. At Solar Complete, each solution is backed by a sizing exercise conducted with the very best technology available.

Explore our special bundles below! Reach out to us for a professional sizing evaluation and installation.

Current Specials

Contact us now to take advantage of our special deals and upgrade your home or business with our solar solutions.

Terms and Conditions

  • Quoted prices apply only to installations within a 150 km radius of Johannesburg.

  • All inclusive with cabling distances assumed to not exceed 8 meters between the distribution box and the inverter, and 20 meters from the inverter to the start of the solar panel array.

  • Installation lead times will range from 3 to 10 days after booking confirmation.


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