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Solar Saves You Money. See Installed Specials.

The rising cost of power from the grid has now reached the point where solar-generated power is cheaper than Eskom power! As a result, installing Solar will inevitably result in hard cash savings over the long run.

After installing Solar, the lower cost per unit turns the debate on whether load shedding will end, irrelevant. You will be in a better financial position by installing Solar now.

The rush into the Solar industry has caused a temporary oversupply of solar products and low prices. Many new companies have entered the industry, creating an excellent scenario for potential customers in the short term. Supply will not exceed demand for long! Current low prices are temporary. Installing Solar now is the answer.

A word of caution: ensure your supplier is stable with a track record. Price is not everything. Contact for a great price and a faultless, stable installed Solar plant.

Most average households consume 20-25 kWh per day. Eskom's cost for 25 kWh is around R 2 100 per month. With Eskom costs escalating at 15% per annum, the 10-year Price for remaining with an unstable, unreliable Eskom solution is R 510 000. The installation of a Solar solution will reduce this overall bill significantly.

Solar solutions are modular. A family can start with a load-shedding solution at around

R 44 000 without panels but ready to add panels anytime.

Or Solar Complete can install a panel solution for less than R 72 000, perfect for a smaller or larger household to accommodate essential appliances and immediate savings.

All solutions are expandable at a later stage. For an assessment and formal quotation, contact Solar Complete from the website. Find the company at


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