Why Solar Complete

Many prospective customers have been dreaming about replacing the ever-increasingly unstable power supply and runaway costs of the current grid with an affordable and stable alternative. 

Solar Complete is offering the ultimate solution by protecting customers from taking a risk. Protecting customers from costly incorrect purchases. Solar Complete provides many advantages bundled with a stable off-grid privatised solution.

What you get from a Solar Complete Solution:

A solution that will save up to 40% of a customers electricity bill over a 10 year period.

A total or partial off-grid solution supplying adequate power to cater to all requirements, all of the time.

A solution rather than products, installed by an experienced team of professionals. We focus on a limited range of brands, tried and tested and proven, all with extended warranty periods.

Increase in the value of a property fitted with a solar system will outweigh the cost of the system.

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