Installation Type: Large  Residential.


“I Phoned Solar Complete on a Saturday. They came out on the same day and designed a system for me for a full off-grid solution for my properties on my farm. I am a Landlord and needs to be independent of the grid. Not only do I need power for my own property, but also for a number of properties, occupied by tenants.


The system sizing was done in a day , and the actual solution was installed within 3 days and worked 100% straight away. I am very satisfied with my choice of supplier”

Johan Smit

Installation Type: Commercial Accounting Firm.


“We have a staff complement of 15+ and share our offices with a number of tenants. Our requirement is mostly for office equipment such as computers, Printers etc. But also have seven air conditioners to power.


We have an installation of 36 panels and 4 inverters. We operate totally off-grid with a Eskom connection, literally only as backup. The system supplied by Solar Complete is working 100% as expected!” 

Abraham Greyling

“I contracted Solar Complete to install a system at my home in Bela Bela. The solution was installed in two days. It is producing the electricity i expected. The system will pay for itself in the medium term!In the instances where I needed after sales support from Solar Complete. The response was excellent!” 

Dries Henning