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Why Solar? Why and What is Your Return On Investment

  • If your Electricity Bill Needs To Reduce by 30-40%.

  • If you want to avoid Load Shedding.

  • If you want to promote a green environment.


  • A household requiring 30 kWh a day, currently spend approximately R 3000 per month on Eskom power.

  • Without Solar, Eskom cost for the next 10 years (assuming 15% annual escalation) will be R 731 000.

  • A typical solar installation producing 30 kWh per day, for a north-facing roof, cost R 210 000 - R 230 000.

  • The monthly instalment for financing an R 210 000 solar system over 7 years @ 9% interest rate is R 3400 per month.

  • With a solar system installed and assuming Eskom still supply 10% of the requirement and cost, the total cost for electricity for the next 10 years will be R 357 000. (Including system repayment at 9% interest over 7 years).

  • Total saving for 10 year: Continuing with Eskom will cost R 731 000. A solar solution will cost R 357 000(Including repayment of the solution at 9% interest over 7 years). Therefor Savings of R 374 000 over 10 Years.

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