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Solar For Your Home Saves You Money

Many Homeowners wish for a solar solution but view it as a cost, an unnecessary spend resulting from load shedding. An outlay to avoid as long as possible. A grudge purchase!

It is, however, essential to understand that a solar solution saves hard cash in the long run. It further removes the negative effects of an unreliable grid. Interruptions to power supply is set to continue in a few weeks, costs of electricity are set to rise dramatically.

The reason is simple, Eskom will either continue to stumble as has been the case or become dramatically more expensive to customers responsible for funding extensive repairs to the operation. Or stumble and become dramatically more expensive.

Solar prices are currently at an all-time low as a result of short-term oversupply and production. the time to buy is now.

Most average households consume 20-25 kWh per day. Eskom cost for 25 kWh is around R 2 500 per month. With Eskom costs escalating at 15%-20% per annum, the 10-year cost of remaining with an unstable, unreliable Eskom solution is R 612 000.

A solar solution of R 95 250 will save 85% of the Eskom cost over ten years—a saving of

R 385 000.

The outlay of R 95 250 for the average family is harsh but unavoidable, and when all is said and done, a massive saving is achieved over the long term.

Solar Complete can assist with the financial justification process. Solar solutions are modular. A family can start with a load-shedding solution at around R 44 250 without panels initially or a smaller solution with panels at around R 71 895. perfect for a smaller or larger household to accommodate essential appliances and immediate savings.

All solutions are expandable at a later stage. For an assessment and formal quotation, contact Solar Complete from the website. Find the company at

and view specials below.


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