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Solar For Your Business: Huge savings every month

Small to medium-sized businesses using between 100 and 1000 kWh per day or less are perfect for Solar. Yes, there are vital questions to answer. Can you secure the capital? Will cash flows be negative? Will solar be able to generate the required power?

The answer to all the questions is: Yes, Solar can, yes, financing is available at prime +1 percentage interest. And yes, you will save significant money over time on your electricity bill.

Technology is available to answer these questions quickly today! At Solar Complete, we assist the customer in measuring consumption, use an advanced and accurate solar production tool to indicate accurate projections for solar production and provide a model to show the expected return on investment for a Solar solution. We will also assist in securing financing at a fantastic interest rate, resulting in massive savings over time.

Let us take an actual example. An industrial site (panels photo above) consumes 500 kWh per day. Eskom cost per kWh is R 3.95, including VAT, So the monthly Eskom Bill is R 60 040. As proved by history, this amount escalates at 15% per annum.

Solar Complete delivered a solution producing 500kWh from 152 700-watt solar panels. Adding a battery bank of 33 x 7.68 kWh batteries and a 150-kW inverter completes the picture.

The savings on the electricity bill are paying for the system's financing and will not only pay for the system but will save the customer a staggering R 9 million over the next ten years.

See the Financial model below:

A solar Solution For businesses hampered by load-shedding is even more optimistic since the cost of production interruptions and other indirect expenses improves the justification.

For an assessment, evaluation and quotation, contact Solar Complete at


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