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Now Is the Time To save Money by Installing a Solar Solution

Many Homeowners wish for a solar solution but view it as an unnecessary spend resulting from load shedding. An outlay to avoid as long as possible. A grudge purchase!

It is, however, essential to understand that a solar solution saves hard cash. Solar is now simply more cost-effective than Eskom power. It further removes the intangible cost of productivity loss and frustration.

Most average households consume 20-25 kWh per day. Eskom's cost for 25 kWh is around R 2 090 per month. With Eskom costs escalating at 15% per annum, the 10-year cost of remaining with an unstable, unreliable Eskom solution is R 510 000.

A solar solution of R 120 000 will save 80% of the Eskom cost over ten years—a saving of R 244 000 or 48% vs Eskom. In calculating this return on investment, we assume that the homeowner financed the solution at a rate of prime +1.

See The Model Below:

The average family's outlay of R 120 000 is harsh but unavoidable. A saving of R 200 000+ over ten years makes it a simple Decision.

Solar Companies can assist with the financial justification process. Solar solutions are modular. A family can start with a load-shedding solution at around R 52 000 without panels or a smaller solution with panels at around R 78 080. Perfect for a smaller or larger household to accommodate essential appliances and immediate savings.

All solutions are expandable at a later stage. For an assessment and formal quotation, contact Solar Complete from the website. Find the company at


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