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Now Is The Best Time To Buy a Solar Solution

Read this article, to understand why there is no better time than the present for converting to Solar.

From the politicians, we hear that Eskom is turning the corner with Load Shedding. How is this developing, and why is it best to invest now and get your solar solution?

Two main reasons: 1) The supply of Solar products in South Africa is currently high, so Solar component product prices are very competitive. 2) Even if Eskom resolves the load Shedding problem, which is years away, one guaranteed outcome for the future is that energy prices from Eskom will be much higher than that of a privately owned Solar solution.

A third important factor is the intangible cost of the loss of productivity during load-shedding periods.

At Eskom, we have around 14 coal-fired power plants, with an average age of 44 years. These plants have not been adequately maintained, and within the next 12 to 15 years, those producing approximately 20 000 megawatts will reach the end of their operational life.

The logic is clear. With demand at 35000 units and the current supply at 28000 units, we have an immediate shortfall of 7000 units. Eskom is adding to supply by burning 9 billion rands worth of diesel in 3 months. Not sustainable, but if 20000 units will disappear soon due to old age, the problem far exceeds the current 7000 units shortfall!

The new capacity added to the Grid in the last 5 years is zero!

The solution is to convert, in the current favourable market conditions to a solar solution.

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Yes, customers will invest the initial capital, and a return on investment over the long term is assured. We see that a level of typically 60% off-grid and higher yields a positive return on investment.

Specific patterns are predictable in countries with struggling governments or outright failed states. The private sector provides essential services, including Security, Courier Services, Water Delivery and Electricity. Accepting the reality in South Africa and investing in Solar Solutions are inevitable.

At Solar Complete, advanced technologies are available to show the expected production of a specific installation and a supporting financial model. Contact us via the website at for an assessment and quotation.


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