Frequently Asked Questions And Answers


Q. Is the system insured for the customer?

A. Yes all Solar Complete systems are insured. 

Q. What do I need to qualify for a Solar Complete rental unit to be installed?

A. The Solar Complete rental payment does not necessarily place additional cash flow demands on the customer, as it is designed to replace a current payment for power from the state-owned grid, but customers are vetted for a suitable credit rating to be in place.

Q. Can I rent now and own the system later?

A. Yes The system can be owned at any time. The purchase price is set at the time of installation and is reduced every month for a period of 7 years thereafter.

Q. What if the system installed is not powerful enough for my property?

A. The system is sized by Solar Complete to power a set of appliances as agreed with the customer. If the system is for some reason not adequate to power the agreed set of appliances, Solar Complete will upgrade the system at no additional cost.

Q. What if the customer's requirements increase?

A. Solar Complete will add any additional appliances as requested by the customer and a new agreement might have to be agreed for an expanded system with increased capability.

Q. If I vacate the property for some reason, can the system be transferred to a new owner?

A. Yes, the rental arrangement can be transferred to another customer subject to credit approval. 

Q. Does the rental agreement include a maintenance arrangement?

A. Yes for as long as the rental agreement is in place, Solar Complete will maintain the system to remain in working order.

Q. What if the system is damaged?

A. If the system is damaged by the owner in a way other than in the normal cause of using it as is designed, the cost of the damage is for the customer's account.

Q. Do I still need the Eskom Grid after installing a Solar Complete System?

A. We do strongly suggest that a pre-paid grid-tied unit be installed as a backup solution which should only be required to be utilized in the case of an abnormal demand or situation.