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Power Your World with Solar Complete

Dive into the latest solar panel and full solar installation deals. Take advantage of our special offers to efficiently power your home or business and avoid load shedding.

Leading the Charge in Solar Innovation

Since 2019, Solar Complete has been advancing the solar industry with a track record of hundreds of successful installations. We are known for our experience and commitment to excellence. Our expert team delivers comprehensive solutions, including the direct importation of high-quality components, professional installation, and full after-sales support, positioning us as your partners in the journey toward sustainable energy.


Seamless Solar Integration

We simplify solar adoption by providing all-inclusive, turn-key solutions and removing the complexity of equipment selection with our tried and tested products.

Expertise In Every Install

Leveraging years of industry experience, our in-house team ensures excellence in every residential and industrial installation we undertake.


Smart Energy Management

Our solutions come with intuitive monitoring, offering customers the choice to manage their system independently or through our expert oversight.

Our Services

We make going solar easy, so you’ll get a better energy service at a better price.

Industrial Solutions

Solar Complete understands the unique energy needs of industry.

Residential Solutions

Our residential solar solutions are designed to combat load shedding and reduce your energy bills.


We directly import top-tier solar components, offering premium products at competitive prices.


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Savings With Solar Complete


Successful Installations


Off-Grid Savings Over a Decade




Finance Solar for Your Business. Experience substantial savings vs Eskom cost.

Electricity cost from a solar solution is around 30%-50% cheaper than what you can expect from Eskom when measured over ten years.


Moreover, your savings are a reality with a 100% financed solar solution over five years at a prime plus 1% interest rate.

Client Testimonials


Installation Type: Large Residential

"The system sizing was done in a day, and the actual solution was installed within 3 days and worked 100% straight away. I am very satisfied with my choice of supplier."

Johan Smit, Gauteng

Installation Type: Commercial Accounting Firm

"We have an installation of 36 panels and 4 inverters. We operate totally off-grid with an Eskom connection, literally only as backup. The system supplied by Solar Complete is working 100% as expected!"

Abraham Greyling, Gauteng


Installation Type:  Residential

“I contracted Solar Complete to install a system at my home. The solution was installed in two days. It is producing the electricity I expected. The system will pay for itself in the medium term! In the instances where I needed after sales support from Solar Complete, the response was excellent!”

Dries Henning, Gauteng

Start Your Solar Journey

Embrace a brighter, greener future with our solar solutions tailored just for you.

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